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Dynamotive Plant
Located in: Guelph
Location #4921
Location Owner: jaguar489
Creation Date: 6/18/2012
Last Updated: 6/20/2012

This factory has been inactive for at least a year. There is very easy entry to the site if you look for it, you don't need to climb over the barbed wire. The large building also has easy access but it is mostly empty except for a small amount of machinery. Outside of the building there is some equipment that can be accessed by ladders and stairs. There is actually two smaller buildings, he one with the large garage door is unlocked while the other isn't. On one side of the building there is a abandoned train car for carrying chemicals or something. The factory was supposed to be used for bio-oils but it may have never been active. There is a history of the plant at the link below.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.

Status: Demolished
Category: Industrial

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Second Visit

Created on:6/20/2012
Created by: jaguar489
10 photos
Scouting the plant

Created on:6/18/2012
Created by: jaguar489
10 photos